Friday, May 7, 2010


I pour binaries into this cauldron of life
Dissolve: to give birth to you again
Fashion a new self, a new other.
Angel, affirm my stand on this now.
Let Purgatory allow me ticket.
For I need to pass: there stands my model:
Now so dead. She waves, she calls.
(Pity me! She’s now just a shade among shades)
Ah! She recognizes me… why, of course,
She does. She knows me. But halt!
No, that she knew me. Nostalgia,
A vague vision is not enough to identify.
Will she melt into me again?
Is that possible now?
Pray insulate her. Save her for me:
That what is left of her.
I wish to replicate, if not absorb.
A brief tryst is all I desire
To recollect all that I still remember.
Quarter a score and I gave her up ever more.
As I vie for a second chance now
I should like her to return… changed?

Copyright © 2010 Bhaswati

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  1. paramveer said...
    poem seems to be like someone writing on machinating the devil in terms of virtual life!!
    is it so?
    Bhaswati said...
    @paramveer every verse composed is open to multiple interpretations. u must have noticed i have not given the poem a title..(actually i have, but i have not mentioned it in the post) i wanted to see what people make of the poem. what u have inferred is not something i had in mind. have a look at the picture accompanying the poem. the intended meaning is implicit there..
    Kaustav said...
    nice poems..i really appreciate of luck for future
    Anonymous said...
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