Friday, July 10, 2009

PAST, PAIN & FUTURE (part 2)

(Here is the second part of the poem. I request the readers to again read the first part before reading this second portion. It will help you understand the poem better.)

I decided never to look back. I forswore.
Sure no one can ever sway
me. We will sunder, I never thought
But circumstances deterred me.
I cannot trenchantly say what
I want times to be
And what my retentive mind sighs for.
Unknowingly exacerbating my pains.
All these voices: I abhor
them. They make vain
all my attempts to assuage.
I know their care as genuine, still
I want to be alone as my pains I gauge
And for future make my mind tranquil.
They force me realize my mistake
That I am the one deserving blame.
They say I’m craven and I fake
My feelings insomuch that I am
trying to run from verity, and
That I am fooling myself so.
Pretending to be satisfied, and to defend
my decision. I force myself to show
I’m happy (They’re so true, yes)

to be contd..

Copyright © 2009 Bhaswati


  1. Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...
    beautiful ... am completely stunned, and at a loss of words ... when does the next part come out? ... lemme know ...
    Bhaswati said...
    sure,i'l let u know... n m really very happy u r liking it..
    Siddhartha Ghai said...
    Can understand a tiny bit, though most of it went over my head.
    I can just get a hint of its beauty, would be quite helpful if you explained it a bit. Thanx a lot!
    Bhaswati said...
    @Siddharth did u read the first part? i hope u did. anyways, if u want me 2 give u the synopsis, here it is-The speaker is in a dilemma. Sandwiched between the past and the future. People are trying to console the speaker in this difficult time. But the speaker wants to be left alone. These people make the speaker realise that the phase (s)he’s going through now is his/her own creation. and the speaker doesn't want to accept this truth in spite of knowing that this is the truth.
    wait for the 3rd part..
    Tanushree, Delhi... said...
    hey Bhashu wud love to see this poem in this year's college magazine...
    n i loved it....
    Bhaswati said...
    @tanushree the whole poem? or just this part..? i'll show it to swati pal ma'am... i hope she likes it too...!!!
    dJ said...
    i want to ask a stupid question?
    hw u write poems yaar?? u get some sensation or something strange that u pen down?
    i try at times but all efforts in vain..
    really cool yaar..keep up your poems.!

    anyways plz check tis post
    Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Amaresh said...
    i love it ... good one ...
    please find my blog and do comment also wants ur feed back.
    Bhaswati said...
    @DJ @Amaresh m so glad u like my me encouragement to write more...
    Lloyd said...
    it's really nice... i dont have anywords to say about it... past, future are to do a lot in life... nice work :)
    Sanandan.G.K said...

    Excellent Blog
    Content is very good.
    Blog design is superb.
    Bhaswati said...
    thank u so much @Lloyd @Sanandan
    plz visit again...
    Spider!!! said...
    i'll read it for sure... cos i find some un explainable pleasure in blogs... and if u have the habit of reading, take a look at my blogs too!!!
    ╚►OℝKUT KiNG™◄╝ said... [:D] [:D] [:D]

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