Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You used to sit there at the dinette
Expecting her to do all the tedious jobs.
Was she so opaque? Or was it that
You were too blind to see her sobs?
With a vacuous face you looked at her.
She was like a Lilliputian to you:
Any precious job unable to shoulder.
But she wanted; and desire in her grew.
New facet of her you started to see.
You shuddered. You looked at her new
And inexhaustible mine of energy.
It looked fictitious to you.
Not just a second wind that
Life has sent her way.
All her aspirations now dawned on her
And she too today holds sway.
There emerged a new hope from the dark;
Set between history and mystery;
The old though not eclipsed, but
It was surely a novelty.
It was so untoward that you tried
To mock her in the crowd.
Your certitudes crushed completely.
But you too had to accept the change.
Making a space for herself now
In a world you once ruled.
And wishes gravitating to her
And sure that she will succeed
To one day receive her due.

Copyright © 2009 Bhaswati


  1. vb said...
    awesome. keep going
    Bhaswati said...
    thanx vb...
    Sid said...
    Great thoughts and great vocabulary... Writing against male-chauvinism and about empowerment of women. Keep it up. And make your poetry a bit easier to understand. Keep writing!!!
    Bhaswati said...
    thanks sid... i'll keep that in mind...
    dJ said... this true always..all women are not the same and the same case with men too ;)

    anyways check this post of mine now plz
    apoorva said...
    nicey poem bhashu.....
    i din knew u hv such a creative n imaginative ability ....
    d wrdz behind ur silence r been spoken here...
    continueeee doein dt..

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