Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Verily for too short a time
Here are we. In this
World so artificial.
Trying to cater for attaining
Bliss heavenly.
Never too certain of the ways.
Comes a day when we want
To move downstream
Or else, better,
Leave this all behind us;
Too tired to move,
Verve left no more.
With vacuous face returning home
Of the days’ hard work, so weary.
(Such happy but still)
None knows for sure
Beyond the veil what lays
But still we know
For all our deeds, there
He pays. Us or we?
We are starkly sure,
True peace there we’ll learn
And want to pass the valve
Never to return.

Copyright © 2009 Bhaswati


  1. John said...
    Its simply superb.Your poetic style is amazing bhaswati
    Restless poet said...
    nice thoughts!~!
    but I have to point just one thing many people dont follow poetical rules flow is good thoughts r nice but there r forms of poems like ballad sonnet etc.
    hope u'll like my blog too.
    angelsmile said...
    hey bhaswati parismita here ur poems are spell binding..i m reading one by one....will keep posting comments...i just opened a new blog..havnt posted anything yet though

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