Friday, June 19, 2009

A Godsent Blessing

Woven with a thin thread of trust,
Filling the lacuna of the lonely heart,
Sea of elation it endows
And supplants sadness with joys.
Solves the enigma of grief.
Opens the crest of happiness buried
At the core of the ocean of loneliness.
Hidden treasures it unveils.
Fulfills the paramount needs.
Wants scattered all over are brought
Within the loop of fulfillment
Rectifies all congestion
Transcends selflessness for,
Caring not for what ensues.
Is driven by the unique ideal
To give joys and share sorrows
Does all tacitly for.
Readily cries for a smile to receive.
For, smilingly dies.

Copyright © 2009 Bhaswati

Image Courtesy of (Google Images)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow, amazing! You have quite a gift. I could learn a few things from reading your work, I am very pleased to have found you!
    Bhaswati said...
    thank u so much...
    Rajiv..... said...
    hey really nice yaa... full of feelings and reality!! u were right.. u do put feelings n reality in ur poems!!! really wonderful.. keep writing more!!
    Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...
    great poem Bhaswati ...
    Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...
    oops, great new template too :D
    bhaswati said...
    thank u so much...

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