Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sitting pensively here,
Looking up to the solitary altar,
I can feel the pertinent aroma:
The time so serene;
Teem with godsent tranquility.
Much intrinsic to the place
Seems to perfume the aura.
I offer you my reverence-
To the lone which bestows
Palpable calmness easing all fears,
Tarnishing doubts from mind.
Acting as a nova in this somber existence.
Offering placidity to lives.
Adorning feelings with goodness.
I savour the realm of innate peace here,
Endowing me with all I desire.
The satisfaction pulls me hither incessantly.
As though under some magic charm
I cannot ever shun the calls.
So I’m here again today.
Too poor to offer anything,
I extend this ode….

Copyright © 2009 Bhaswati


  1. Kamalesh said...
    luvd d way u presented it.......dat too d topic is very nice
    Simply Ridiculous said...
    Bhaswati said...
    thank u so much...!!!
    dJ said...
    hey really gud yaar..!
    liked it.!

    anyways check this post of mine
    nazneen said...
    excellent mode of vocabulary.. imagination power is immense.. keep it up..

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