Sunday, June 28, 2009


‘I rove…languid, dozy
This forenoon.
On the deserted brae
As I versify my feelings.
Not a place to go,
No zest,
Futile is time,
Yet more vain is I.
Malaise, grip me not!!
A complete defeat…
Flicking through I see
Hopes to vanquish
Dead to the hilt
Am I culpable? Inasmuch as
Fain I had done so?
But understand,
I was besotted..
Impelled indeed,
Wheedling I couldn’t shun
(I’m not a Utopian, after all)
Unknown to reality
None to forbid
How I rue today!!
I cajole myself
Anon I shall forego
Betake my own way
Repose in happiness.
Prove wrong your world.
I hope it is venial’, said she,
‘My mistake.’

Copyright © 2009 Bhaswati


  1. Ankit said...
    v touching!
    Anand said...
    Inasmuch as --- check this..... Missed a few spaces it seems...

    I am not good at poetry but still it is really good poem on how you take on the world after a mistake.

    bhaswati said...
    thanks a ton @ankit @anand...

    &"inasmuch"is a single word..."inasmuch as" means 'because'
    paramveer said...
    such a fine ombination of words!!..nicely knotted!!
    bhaswati said...
    thank u so much paramveer...
    dJ said...
    hey yaar..good job..i always wanted to write some lines..but i never really did..hehe..
    maybe special talent is needed..
    ur lines r awesome..!

    do check this post..!
    Anand said...
    yaar, I was wordsworth in dreams.
    Bhaswati said...
    thanks dj
    Nethra A said...
    I like the way words flow along with your thoughts...very well written :)

    write more :)
    Prashant Mehta said...
    nice one!
    Anonymous said...
    gr8 peace of writing
    Bhaswati said...
    thanks Nethra,Prashant& Vijay
    cutestangel said...
    wow you write really well.Finally am able to visit your blog and comment!!
    angel from heaven said...
    Wow wonderful piece of writing.
    Anoop said...
    dint understand anythin.. :(
    m not good at interpreting poems.. i think this one s too complicated for my understanding...
    but i learned a lot f new words... :D

    n thanks for droppin by on my blog..

    haf fun
    Devraj said...
    awesum work...carry on good work. Best of luck. I am sure we'll hear more of you!
    stuti goswami said...
    great yaa....beautiful..

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